It's a wrap. It's been two days since our festival ended and after we packed everything away, cleaned up and slept in, it's time to say THANK YOU! To everyone who made this festival an experience that goes far beyond what words could describe.

It was absolutely amazing. We felt like we were on our own planet (thanks, Pierre, for that comparison!) It was a rush of emotions that I had somehow already forgotten and which therefore came back all the more powerfully. Apparently it wasn't just me. The feedback we received, as well as the performances themselves, which were so intense and went sooooo deep - guys, that was pure magic!

And you as the audience have a big part in that, as well as everyone involved, whom I now have to name here. Sorry for the long text:

First there were the bands and artists and of course the great THE FIREFLIES with their fantastic show.

A breathless bow of enthusiasm goes out to Conny Ochs, Roland Scriver, Pierre Zoller, Robert Lefold, our four graphic artists and draftsmen, who presented their art live and created the work of art shown in the photo, which perfectly illustrates what the SOM and the EOM family is about. THANKS.

In this context, special thanks go to Conny Ochs, who also designed all of our festival artwork, the flyers, posters and shirts. Speaking of shirts: they were printed by Merch And Destroy - the greatest shirt printers in Berlin and our partner for clothes ever since our label came into being. Thank you Jörg + Johannes!

And art, folks: Sector 7G Visuals!!! How cool was that please! Can I have a loud round of applause for Lauta Tinchó and his team and what insanely creative visuals they have conjured up on our canvases, house walls and tent roofs! Light is so important and yet unfortunately so often taken for granted. We have to change that.

THANK YOU, Gerald Thäle for the absolutely insane preparatory work in Herzberg and for accepting that much of it was in vain but not unnecessary. And of course your fantastic DJing for two evenings, especially on Thursday!

Working behind the scenes:

Katharina - simply everywhere! Thanks for the chocolate and your enthusiasm!

Beate + Johanna: at the entrance, in the kitchen, at the merch and at the front of the good mood. I love you.

Manu, Lucas, Philip: THANK YOU for letting us hang out in your living room, the Zukunft Am Ostkreuz. I wish you all the luck you can get that there is a future for the Zukunft. Somehow. Somewhere.

Harry, Heike and Nele & Olli: THANK YOU for the cooking and the great vibes. Without you, so many things would have been dull.

Doreen + Sven: Merch. Thanks for holding out, counting, selling!

The sound crew: Manu, Flo (thanks also for equipping the merch and artist tents), Lutz, Andi

On and behind the stage: Boris, Andi, Martin and Horn.

Die großartige Einlasscrew: Stefan, Marco, Tatiana, Theresa, Carsten, Heike

...and of course to you, dear audience - you were exactly 294 people - we know many of you personally. Thank you for being there.

Below there is a link to the leftover shirts and bags, in case anyone wants to secure something nice for the next ball 🙂 Buy the clothes, otherwise they will wither.

The South Of Mainstream is history. Together we managed to get the vibe back, which makes saying goodbye easier. But we will not be strangers. Count us in! Herzberg didn't work out this year, but there's more to come! And in spring 2024 we will celebrate 25 years of EOM together. Save the date!