Dear SOM friends, fans and acolytes,,

A week and a half ago we asked you how you would decide if we had to move our festival to our favorite Berlin club, Zukunft Am Ostkreuz. The results of our small survey are now available and I am surprised at the clarity of the results. With a tear or two in the corner of my eye and a lot of understanding for everyone who had hoped or wished for it otherwise: the South Of Mainstream 2022 will be moved to Berlin. You have spoken. We listened, knowing full well that majority decisions do not always provoke harmonious bliss.

As promised, we are extending the festival with a brunch/matinee show to Sunday, September 11th and are reducing the ticket price to 55 EUR with immediate effect.

All existing ticket buyers will be emailed tomorrow, Monday 20th June, with instructions on how to obtain a partial refund or full cancellation of their ticket if they choose not to make the move. We've considered a few options. Let yourself be surprised.

By the way, the e-mail comes from the address It cannot be prevented that some emails will end up in spam, so check your spam folder! If you do not receive an email, you are welcome to send us an email to this address with your ticket number. And please note that the deadline for ticket refunds will be July 5, 2022. After that, we can no longer accept refund requests.

Further to this we are pumped to present a few new additions to the line-up that will put a mighty grin of anticipation on our faces – Ladies & Gentlemen, please welcome to the SOM22 fold:


Baby Of The Bunch

The Axids

Helga Blohm Dynastie

Morlock (UK)

Arne Heesch

And that's not all! Our side program is also slowly taking shape. In addition to a fire poi show by the fire juggling group THE FIREFLIES, there will be another jam session by the now legendary Master Musicians Of Beate.

And to top it all off, we will feature a dedicated artist area where five of our artworkers will showcase their art. The whole thing will be much more than a simple exhibition. Drawings are made live and in collaborations, inspired by the current music, on very unusual materials and in unusual setups. The artwork area artists should be familiar to any Exile On Mainstream fan and we're happy to welcome them:

Conny Ochs (Ochsworks)

Roland Scriver (Familiar Ink)

Robert Lefold (Teilchensturm Art/Design)

David Hand (Lancashire And Somerset)

Pierre Zoller

So now you know. I will be headed for Fusion Festival over the next two weeks. So, don’t expect to hear much from me before July 4th. After that, I jump headfirst into organizing our party.

Get well through the next few days and enjoy the summer!



For your info:

We will not ship hardtickets! With purchasing this ticket you will receive an order confirmation containing an order number displayed as “[Order #XXX]” in your purchase confirmation. This order number will grant you admission. Please present this number as well as your name and a valid ID at the door of the festival and you will be granted admission and a nice wristband.