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Called out as the „Phantom Of German Doom“ because of their self-proclaimed abstinence from record releases, the German OBELYSKKH have been shipping themselves for several years around the cliffs of ‘normal business’. If you dig into the history of this band hailing from the Fürth/ Nürnberg area it becomes obvious that something outstanding in approach and result must be happening here. Founded in 2008 as a project to work on a few ideas of guitarist Torsten (formerly of THE WALRUZ and VS. THE STILLBORN-MINDED fame) with his friend Adi it was never planned to become a full operating band. But you know, such an origin sometimes intends to become the hotbed for something different. At least it did here. Soon the two-piece got joined by Steffen of seminal German Stoner Rock stalwarts DESERT SUN, who played bass but switched to the drumkit after they couldn’t find a dedicated drummer. The vacant bass position was taken by the multiinstrumentalist David, who literally was recruited in a disco.

 And so history goes. The band became one, changed their mind and released an album called “Mount Nysa” in 2011, fully self-recorded and self-produced on the now defunct German label Droehnhaus. The response exceeded all expectations and the record sold out within less than 3 weeks. And this wasn’t the only surprise in an ever shrinking market for record sales – another one was a viral impact that almost seems like a made up story but it’s actually the truth: based on a 2-minutes live footage cut on Youtube the band’s inbox literally got stormed by promoters from Germany and other European countries and soon after they found themselves on the road playing clubs and festivals in sheer unbelievable amounts. And they didn’t disappoint. Slaying with a monstrous amount of heaviness and unbearable feel for sonic urgency OBELYSKKH have won over more and …a deal with your own Exile On Mainstream as well, where they released two albums to date by changing from a recording-hesitant act to one of the most active ones on the label.

Their sound seems to meander through different colourations of the heavy but the brackets remain: the bridging leads sit enthroned on swarm-like riffage, vocals meander between cutting serenity and harsh shrieks, giving the music enough time to breathe and adding an unusual element to what you would expect from a band coming out of the Sludge/ Psychedelic Rock scene.  Obelyskkh manage the impossible at ease: maintaining a trademark while simultaneously adding another complexity, another approach, another dimension and thus reaching freedom in a stunning way. It’s a rare treat nowadays and a venture to unbuckle yourself from expectations and strictly focus on an organic creation – especially for a band existing only for a few years.

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