08. + 09. MAI 2024 - BERLIN, NEUE ZUKUNFT
10. + 11. MAI 2024 - LEIPZIG, UT CONNEWITZ


It has now been over a week since we started our EOM25 festival at Neue Zukunft in Berlin and almost a week since it ended in Leipzig. The dust has settled, and after a crazy week with a hard landing back into my work routine, I have finally found the time to start processing it.

Returning to a job I truly love has helped me avoid falling into a deep hole after what was arguably one of the most emotional events. Sure, we've organized several events before – the South Of Mainstream Festivals, Blisstrains, and the fantastic EOM20 five years ago. At each of these events, I felt a deep connection among the participants, artists, crew, and audience that goes beyond what you typically experience at festivals, concerts, or even parties. This time was no different; it was just even more intense. Perhaps it’s due to age or the generally more sentimental and retrospective phase many of us are in. It certainly was also because EOM25 took place outside of other commitments for the participants. No tours around it, no stress, and with Neue Zukunft and UT Connewitz, we had two venues that not only share our vision but also put the same passion into every little detail that drives us. These external factors combined with truly captivating performances by all bands and artists. But it didn't end there. The presence and good vibes ultimately ensured that it became the “ego-free, loving, relaxed, and joyful festival experience” that Pete from EOLB so aptly described in his Facebook post.

Therefore, from the bottom of my heart: THANK YOU for sharing your passion and being with us all—on, beside, and in front of the stage. I have said this many times: finding an almost empty backstage area because all the artists are outside enjoying the other performances is the most wonderful affirmation for me. I am glad that we have an audience that shares these ideals, as particularly demonstrated by the quieter shows of Conny Ochs and A Whisper In The Noise: total silence and appreciation. It seems like a self-fulfilling prophecy that the first album we ever released on Exile On Mainstream was titled "For Those Who Know" (Payola, 1999), and 20 years later, Conny Ochs coined the slogan Love.Noise.Freedom., which will remain the motto of this label.

In addition to the naturally loud and boisterous thanks to all the bands and artists, an equally massive shout-out goes to the people who made this whole thing possible:

Beate & Johanna (Family, you know)

Katharina -for the vibes and invaluable assistance with artist support

Boris + Andy - best stage managers you can get!

Gerald, Kevin and Stefan at the door

Martin - for the shuttle driving and everything else

Manu - for the amazing sound and all the helpers and staff at Neue Zukunft

Angel - for the incredible job of creating a backstage living room at Neue Zukunft in the last minutes

Almuth, Fensi, Higgens, Mischka from UT Connewitz - for the home you always provide us

Alex for the insnely good sound at the UT Connewitz

Luggi, Georg, Willy - so tasteful!!!

Doreen & Sven - for running the merch with so much dedication and control

Zinki - pure lights magic!

Flo & Lutz - for your incredible skills at the sound controls

Christian Döpping - for giving me goosebumps when Conny Ochs and A Whisper In The Noise played

Pierre - for the help in setting up the art space

Lauta, Ernesto, Alejandro and Oscar from Sector 7G for your (again) absolutely insane visuals!

--  Andreas/ 18 May 2024  --



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