Dera friends and fans,

we are complete! The LineUp for the South Of Mainstream 2022 is set! With the new additions:




Anus Butterfly

are we fully booked. And because we're so keen on this festival, three days aren't enough for us. That's why there's Thursday evening now. On September 8th, 2022 there will be a pre-party with 2-3 bands for the low entrance fee of 10 EUR, box office only. The pre-party is not part of the festival ticket. Everyone who bought a ticket before June 19th will get free entry as a heartfelt Thank You for supporting us so early.

Not enough with announcements. I still have one: I'm thrilled that the crew of Sector 7G will bathe the future in an enchanting light with their unbelievably awesome 100% analogue visuals.

Get well through the next few days and enjoy the summer!



...and here are the new additions that complete our line up:


Thursday, 8 September 2022

Admission from 8:00 p.m

Start 8:30 p.m.

End: ?

Friday 9 September 2022

Admission from 5:00 p.m

Start: 6:00 p.m

End: ?

Saturday 10 September 2022

Admission from 3:00 p.m

Start: 4:00 p.m

End: ?

Sunday 11 September 2022

Admission from 1:00 p.m

Start: 2:00 p.m

End: 6:00 p.m




In all likelihood there will be box offices - either for festival tickets or day tickets. If the festival sells out in advance, it goes without saying that we will not offer an evening box office. You will find out here in good time.

Prices will be as follows:

Festival ticket box office: 60 EUR

Tagesticket Donnerstag/ Pre-Party: 10 EUR

Day ticket Friday (box office): 25 EUR

Day ticket Saturday (incl. Sunday, box office): 40 EUR

Day ticket Sunday (box office): 10 EUR

The day tickets (or day wristbands) are only sold on the respective days of validity. Day tickets cannot be reserved.

PRE-PARTY Donnerstag

On Thursday there will be a birthday party for everyone to get the party started properly. 50 years Kanzler! We have to celebrate this. 2-3 bands will play. For 10 euros! Ticket buyers who bought their ticket before June 19 will get free entry. There is no pre-sale, only box office.


Music will be played after the concerts on Thursday, Friday and Saturday - by well-known and accordingly notorious DJs. More information will follow


Bisher ist noch nicht restlos klar, ob wir z.B. 2G+ oder 3G als Bedingung zum Zugang auf das Gelände voraussetzen sollten. Das richtet sich natürlich auch nach behördlichen Auflagen, von denen wir jetzt noch nicht wissen, wie sie im September formuliert sein werden. Denkbar ist aber auch, dass wir je nach Infektionsgeschehen Beschränkungen erlassen, die über den gesetzlichen Rahmen hinaus gehen. Es gibt genügend Gründe dafür, die wir hier nicht diskutieren wollen.

However, we would like to appeal to you to wear masks (nose/mouthguard) at least where it gets tight and distances to others cannot be maintained. Please be considerate of each other.

We also ask you to have yourself tested for Covid-19 before you arrive or at least to test yourself - and of course not to come if the test is positive.

Important for you: by purchasing or using the ticket, you accept the validity of the conditions for the respective event date.

Persons with obvious, typical Covid 19 symptoms can be excluded from access. In case of doubt, we reserve the right to request a daily negative test result from you.

If you want to discuss against measures and compliance with them, you are welcome to try. We want to discuss the topic as little as possible, but hope that the risk of infection, which still exists (and yes, people are still dying from it!) will be accepted as normal part of our togetherness. And by normality I don't mean ignoring, but increased mutual consideration, looking out for one another and behaving accordingly, without finding each of these actions extraordinary or commenting on them as such.


Kniefall und Dank geht an dieser Stelle an Conny Ochs, der für Logo und das Design des SOM 22 verantwortlich ist sowie an den fantastischen Pierre Zoller, der uns mit dieser Webseite unterstützt.


By purchasing a ticket via the link on this page you have received an order number which will appear as “[Order #XXX]” in your confirmation email. Please have your name, this number and a corresponding ID ready at the entrance and you will receive admission and a pretty wristband.


...information to follow


...information to follow

ATM within walking distance at the Ostkreuz train station


We recommend that children under the age of 8 not be taken to the festival, as a rock festival for children is not only a significant noise pollution. We will point out this setting at the entrance.

Children up to the age of 12 have free admission when accompanied by a legal guardian (please show your ID accordingly!)

All children and young people under the age of 16 are not granted access to the festival site without the presence of a person with custody or education.

The participation of young people in the festival is determined by the parents due to personal custody rights. According to the German Civil Code (BGB), parents have the obligation and the right to care for the minor child (under 18 years of age). Detailed specifications are not made by law.

In addition, the restrictions of the Youth Protection Act apply, in particular § 4 for the issue and consumption of alcoholic beverages and for the issue of tobacco products and smoking.

Running Order

We will post the running order here in mid-August. We'll probably let you know in advance which bands are playing on which days. So feel free to visit here more often.

Side Programm

For protecting you from getting bored between the bands, we've put together an inspiring side program. We recommend checking back here regularly, as we have a few more ideas that we will present to you in the coming weeks. So far the following is happening:


A fire poi show with music awaits us on Saturday shortly after dark.


The MMOB jam sessions are already legendary. Anyone who hasn't been able to attend this session at the South Of Mainstream and North Of Mainstream festivals should be in for a surprise. For the festival finale on Saturday, we invite all musicians to duel or fraternize with their instruments on the main stage. The result will be an improvised, psychedelic rack of sound and passion. We will record the session this time and publish it at a later date.


In the inner courtyard (open air cinema) and the gallery we will present our own artist area, in which five of our artworkers will present their art. The whole thing will be much more than a simple exhibition. Drawings are made live and in collaborations, inspired by the current music, on very unusual materials and in unusual setups.

The artwork area artists should be familiar to any Exile On Mainstream fan and we're happy to welcome them:

Conny Ochs (Ochsworks)

Roland Scriver (Familiar Ink)

Robert Lefold (Teilchensturm Art/Design)

David Hand (Lancashire And Somerset)

Pierre Zoller



Travel using public transport is very easy. The nearest train station is Ostkreuz and from there it's less than a 5min walk.

Anreise mit dem Auto ist ebenfalls möglich, wir bitten euch aber möglichst auf das Auto zu verzichten. Direkt vor der Zukunft wird es keine Parkplätze geben. Im Umkreis sind aber diverse Parkbuchten (kostenpflichtig) verfügbar.


Tickets erhaltet ihr ausschließlich in elektronischer Form über unsere Webseite (siehe obenstehender Link). Die Tickets enthalten 7% Umsatzsteuer aber keine weiteren Gebühren. D.I.Y. to the bone!

The ticket prices are as follows:

Festival ticket advance sale: 55 EUR

Depending on availablity:

Festival ticket box office: 60 EUR

Day ticket Friday (box office): 25 EUR

Day ticket Saturday (incl. Sunday, box office): 40 EUR

Day ticket Sunday (box office): 10 EUR

We will not ship hardtickets! With purchasing this ticket you will receive an order confirmation containing an order number displayed as “[Order #XXX]” in your purchase confirmation. This order number will grant you admission. Please present this number as well as your name and a valid ID at the door of the festival and you will be granted admission and a nice wristband.